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GRANTS SCHEME 2023/24 Deadline Friday 25th August!!

Download an application form here:  Grants Application Form 2023-24





  1. Grants will not be awarded to individuals.


  1. Only voluntary organisations will be considered.


  1. The group /organisation should be active within Coleshill and the surrounding villages.


  1. The group/organisation should normally provide a benefit, service, support, entertainment or information.


  1. Coleshill Town Council will provide grants both for projects and core funding.


  1. The whole sum required will not normally be provided, as it is expected that group members should usually provide either some funding or volunteering time themselves (i.e. matched funding should not be just National Lottery or other charity money).


  1. The Town Council will only provide funding up to a maximum of £2,000. The Council will, in exceptional circumstances, consider additional funding if deemed appropriate.


  1. Grants will usually range from £250 – £1500.


  1. Successful applications will be required to provide a 6 months report, following the receipt of the grant monies, so the Coleshill Town Council is able to show tax-payers how their money has been spent to comply with the law and our audit requirements.


  1. All applications should enclose the audited accounts for the last completed financial year of the organisation.


  1. Please attach a budget for your proposals, including income and expenditure, to this application. This budget can include the value of the time given by helpers and volunteers.


  1. Coleshill Town Council will not consider grant applications where they involve sitting Town Councillors as signatories or as named contacts on the submitted forms.



Closing date for all applications: Friday 25th August 2023 at noon


(by email, post or hand-delivered into the Town Hall letterbox).


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King’s Coronation Arts Project – River of Bulbs


A £5,000 sum was granted by the Warwickshire County Council Towns Network team for some feature or group of items that would create a point of interest for tourists or a facility that would encourage visitors.

There are already 3 of the 4 King’s Coronation benches sited.  One is at the junction of Rose Road and Station Road and 3 additional Acer trees were planted at the same junction.  Another bench and tree are in situ at Ennersdale Green, near to the Community Centre.



It was the wish of the project group that a River of Bulbs should be planted along the length of Station Road.  These would add to the effect of the benches and trees, if on the same westerly side of Station Road.

The cost of the bulbs is covered by the Towns Network budget but not the resources to plant them.  The Council needs to cover the planting with its small outside services staffing, elected members and volunteers.

Bulb planting is believed to be best in autumn 2023 so that the flowers appear in spring 2024.  The pathway along Station Road is maintained and mowed by North Warks Borough Council, which has agreed to the bulbs being planted.  The flowers will be allowed to flourish in the spring but will be mown over once the grass growing season is in full swing from June onwards, until the next spring.



Theare are approximately 428 yards in length from the Harvester pub to Ennersdale Green.  Assuming a 1.5 yards width of river, that would amount to 642 square yards to cover with planting.

It had been hoped to get assistance from a Day in the Community programme but this has not been possible.  Therefore, to complete this volume of bulb planting suggests it will need attempting in stages (see plan map).  If three ‘teams’ can be formed, each could concentrate on a separate stage area on a designated planting day:

Area 1 – going north from the bus stop opposite the Wheatsheaf Harvester to Colebridge Crescent.  This area would give a good ‘first impression’, as you join Station Road.

Area 2 – going south from the Rose Road junction to the bus stop on that side.  This area will add to the effect of the Coronation bench and Acer trees, nearby.

Area 3 – going north from the bus stop near Ennersdale Close, planting either side of it.   This area will give a brightening up where there are mainly small industrial units occupying the other side of the road.

The Council van will be loaded with 3 sets of bulbs, trowels and any other materials needed.  The Community Centre will be opened up for refreshments and toilets.



9:30am – 1 pm on Saturday 16th September, initially.  Allan Taylor / Chris Moulton will mow out the wavy river pattern on the previous Thursday or Friday so a track can be visible, and planting would be made easier on the day as the ground would be easier to enter.

Cllr. Ian Tomkinson is the lead councillor on this project. It is hoped that the 3 teams (as above) could be led by Cllr. Ian Tomkinson, Allan Taylor and Chris Moulton (Outdoors staff) with volunteers allocated evenly.

A date needs selecting so the volunteers could be found, giving sufficient time for an appeal to assist.

A follow-up date a few weeks later might then be able to have some more teams to join up the separate Areas 1 – 3 by infilling the areas in between, as convenient.


Colin Greatorex, Town Clerk

Coleshill Town Council, Town Hall, High Street, Coleshill  B46 3BG
01675 463326


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Scootability Training – Coleshill Memorial Park – Tuesday 8th August.

Scootability Training taking place at Coleshill Memorial Park on Tuesday 8th August.


This will take place on the Basketball Courts.


There will be three individual training sessions delivered during the day, timings for these are as follows:

10.00am – 11.20am (5 – 7 years)

11.30am – 12.50pm (5 – 7 years)

2.00pm – 3.20pm (8+ years)


Booking is required for these events and will shortly be available to book via:

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Green Man Crossing – Notice of Works

Green Man
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Annual Town Meeting 12/04/23 DRAFT minutes

The DRAFT minutes of the Annual Town Meeting held on 12/04/23 are now available.

Annual Town Meeting 12/04/23 DRAFT

The Annual Town Meeting is not a meeting of the Council but a meeting for all parishioners of Coleshill.  It is merely hosted by the Town Council.  This gives residents the opportunity, by law, to discuss all town affairs and pass resolutions about them.

Notice of Election 2023

Notice of Election 2023

Please see the below notice of council elections. Please remember that you need to bring photo ID to vote. No ID? You can apply for free voter ID. Find out more at

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Coleshill Town Council – VACANCY – Town Hall Caretaker




Local Government – SCP Salary Range 13 – 17 (£24,948 p.a.).  Minimum of 37 hours per week

 A vacancy has arisen at Coleshill Town Council.  The Caretaker role at the Town Hall, High Street, Coleshill is full-time, with hours that are daytime, including the weekend but also some evenings.

The role requires the Caretaker, as a keyholder, to supervise opening and closing of the building, cleaning, some minor repairs and liaising with the Town Hall staff with the two rooms for hire.

 A mobile phone will be provided and regular access to it are a vital part of taking and seeking bookings.

For an application pack, please visit the Town Hall, email or call 01675 463326.  Closing date for applications is 10 am on Friday 23 December. 

The interview dates are likely to be 5 or 6 January.

CTC Application form CTH1

Job Description – Town Hall Caretaker (FT)

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Very Important Information – Council Service Suspension & Revised Waste Collection Arrangements

Dear Customer – Queen’s Funeral Arrangements (RAD)

Following the official notification that Monday 19th September, 2022 has been designated as a Bank Holiday to mark the funeral of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II the Council has taken the decision to suspend all services on that day. As a result, all Council buildings
(including offices and leisure centres) will be closed as a mark of respect.
All waste collections scheduled for that day are also being suspended.
Collections scheduled for the day of the State Funeral are consequently being rescheduled and are being brought forward to Friday 16th September, 2022. Please ensure that your bins are made available for collection from 6.30am on Friday morning. If your bin is not emptied on that day, please leave it at its normal collection point for collection on Saturday.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this sad time.
Further details can be found at or on our social media pages or
by calling our Contact Centre on 01827 715341.

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Weekend arrangements for Proclamations and the Parish Church

Timings are a little clearer now and are as follows:

Saturday 10 September

His Majesty, The King will be proclaimed at the Accession Council at 10.00 a.m. on 10th September in the State Apartments of St James’s Palace, London.

At this time, he will read the Principal Proclamation.

Sunday 11 September

The Parish Church will hold a Sunday Service, starting at 10:30 a.m., as normal.

From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., the Parish Church will host an open session for the signing of a condolences book and lighting of candles, in the memory of Queen Elizabeth II.

From 4 p.m., the Mayor of Coleshill, Cllr. Caroline Symonds will be present.  She will lead a group at the Platinum Jubilee bench on the Croft, where floral tributes can be left.  The group will include a small section of the Coleshill Town Band who will be playing God Save the King.  There will be a Coleshill adaptation of the King’s Proclamation, read by the Mayor.

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Mayor of Coleshill’s Tribute – Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II (1926 – 2022)

Coleshill has delighted in celebrating the Queen’s many achievements over her long reign.  There have been Silver (1977) and GoId (2002) Jubilee events in the town, and also the Queen’s 90th Birthday event in 2016.  The school children were only too pleased to participate in the birthday joyous occasion, including running a “pin the nose on the Queen” and “pin the tail on the corgi” boards on the Croft! The shared memories are rich among local residents of those good times.

In my own civic year, I was pleased to play a small part in celebrating her long service just a few months ago. It was wonderful that we were able to come together as a country to celebrate such an historic reign with a long Platinum Jubilee, four days of partying in the streets and outdoor events.  Coleshill’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations included many street parties, family and community gatherings. Our community celebrations on the Croft, with the Beacon Lighting and the Town Band Concert and Fireworks, attracting many hundreds of people all joining together in great spirits to show our appreciation of Her Majesty the Queen.

Most of us are too young to know of another monarch, so much so that she is intrinsic to our character as Britons, part of the fabric of our country. The Queen is so much more to us all than the face on stamps and coins, she has provided a constant, reassuring and steadying voice along the way as the country has faced its many challenges and upheavals. Such a constant in our lives that I thought her almost immortal, always to be there. The shock and sadness has been felt so widely across our community and the country, just highlighting the unique impact that she has had.

The Queen has seen so much change and always led us all through these with a calm dignity. Reassuringly she said “We will meet again” during Covid times, her gentle, often understated guidance during the darkest times has brought light and optimism to the country.

Throughout her seven-decade reign, she showed an inspirational sense of duty and provided an unwavering dedication to our nation. Stoic in her determination, brave and compassionate as she demonstrated to the country through wartime. She wasn’t just the head of a family, she was the icon of our nation and central to our sense of belonging to it. The Queen was an extraordinary woman; our admiration and respect will live on forever.

In all her visits around the commonwealth and closer to home (Nuneaton, Coventry and Solihull, for instance), Queen Elizabeth ensured she paused to be seen by more of the waving crowds, giving her famous waves back and exuding her smiles, her warmth and her gentle humour.  A wit and humour that gave us all a feeling of closeness to our monarch, who could ever forget the 2012 appearance with Daniel Craig as James Bond or more recently sharing tea with Paddington.

I send my love and heartfelt sympathies to the Royal Family; Queen Elizabeth II was clearly a much loved, and will be much missed, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Cousin, Aunt and friend.

Thank you just doesn’t seem enough, but my warmest and most sincere thanks to Queen Elizabeth II for her exceptional lifelong service to our nation.

God Save the King


Cllr. Caroline Symonds

Mayor of Coleshill Town Council