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B46 Rocks – Return of the Lockdown Snake

lockdown snake

Coleshill Town Council would like to support the local community in recreating the Lockdown Snake, as a more permanent and fitting memorial to our NHS, to be positioned on The Croft.

The Snake was originally started by B46 Rocks Facebook Group, but many of the original stones have now disappeared or need replacing, and it would be great to have some of the original designs recreated. 

The design of the tribute has not yet been finalised and will be dependent on the number of stones we receive.  We will make every effort to use all suitable and appropriate stones in the final design but we cannot guarantee it. 

If you would like to get involved in recreating the snake, please drop your painted stones off at the

Coleshill Community Hub (Entrance on Sumner Rd), where  you will receive a warm welcome from Helen or Charlie.

Between 7th Sept—30th Sept 2020  Mon—Fri 9.00 am—1.00 pm

Coleshill Hub:     01675 462 517

Town Hall:      01675 463 326

If you can’t drop off during these times, please contact  B46 Rocks on Facebook and they will drop off for you!