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We are recruiting Ale Tasters – Do you have what it takes?

Coleshill folk, lend me your ears


Do you have what it takes ?


Centuries ago, a number of towns and cities had their own Ale Tasters, who were considered an important health and safety check on alcohol being sold in the area.

Do you have what it takes for this position as Coleshill Town’s “first for Centuries” Ale Tasters?  The Town Council have decided to reviving a great tradition from bygone years (the 1200s, when there were powers given by the “Court Leet”).  It is appointing four voluntary position Ale Tasters: they should have a flamboyant personality to carry off this very special position.

The successful candidates will play the ceremonial role for a period of one year, tasting Ales at all pubs in Coleshill.  However, the focus will be on one particular evening in the year, when the Ale testers will each lead a team awarding points for quality & price and at the end of the evening awarding the trophy to the winning public house for their quality of the Ales.

The appointed Ale Testers duties in 2017 will centre on Friday 13 October (yes, Friday 13th!) when all pubs will be visited by one of the groups.  This event will be centred on a charity fund raising purpose.  Who knows, in the future, the Ale Tasters may well be asked to encourage tastings and potentially food and beer matching competitions over their year-long investiture.

To many it’s the best job in the world. Applicants for the 2017 position should contact the Town Clerk, Colin Greatorex at:


Coleshill Town Council, Town Hall, High Street, Coleshill  B46 3BG

Email:                  Tel: 01675 463326

Ale Taster – recruitment