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Press Release – CASPER

As some of you will already be aware, the CASPER (Coleshill Art Space Project – Everyone Respects) campaign to raise funds for a statue in Coleshill, has reached its original crowd funding target for the project to go ahead.  You can find out more information about the Project and funding so far on  We now need to keep the donations open so the art piece can get “Bigger, Better and Brighter”!  The difference now is that any contributions can come directly to the Town Hall office rather than through crowd funding.

We can really showcase our heritage and character as an Historic Market and Coaching Town.  Coleshill has Roman history, a Doomsday Book reference, and market charter granted by King John as well as coaching town and highwayman folklore.

The Project has already generated a great deal of discussion on Social Media; initial consultations and straw polls have shown a leaning of public opinion towards the theme of “Highwayman and Stagecoach” but we are continuing to gather your ideas through other means, such as competitions at schools; making sure that everyone has a chance to share their views and ideas towards a lasting monument to our great and resilient town.  Nothing is decided for definite on the design as we have yet to see all the school children designs and speak to artists about materials and what is possible.  Also, some people have suggested combining more than one of the themes discussed, which is an option.  There are further opportunities for you to express ideas of what we can achieve, as a whole community, and to display the pride we have in our town and its history.

We are also keen to hear from any local artists, sculptors or historians who would like to contribute thoughts and ideas to the project team.  We welcome any contact from business or individuals that would like to get involved in the Project as we move forward with a working group.

In keeping with the spirit of Coleshill, we want our statue to continue as a curiosity and talking point, bringing people in; increasing footfall and taking advantage of our location in terms of tourist interest. These have been key features in attracting funding that could not be allocated to some of the other things that have been mentioned on social media, raising ongoing concerns regarding parking, litter and the need for public toilets which are County and Borough issues, over which we have no control or remit!

Without detracting from the importance of the issues that have been raised, we are keen to continue with fundraising so that the statue will be a testament to the best we can achieve as a town and community. For further information, you can contact:

Tel: 01675 463 326 or contact us through our social media pages.

Please continue to support the project and keep on giving so that we can be the best we can be as a place on the map to visit, stay and frequent local businesses. We will be organising a public launch event.  This will now be later than the originally proposed date (of late January) but we will keep everyone informed of our progress.

Keep talking about CASPER and spreading the news!