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Hello all,

I do hope this message finds you in high spirits & healthy,

I do love seeing all your photos that you’re adding on to the page, showing Coleshill at its best & the heart of a wonderful community,

So now when you’re out & about I’m asking you to take photos of what you believe captures the Spirit of Coleshill during this time, or maybe even when you’re in your gardens having your family time, what for you has gotten you through this lockdown?

I want to hopefully get a photobook together after all this is over so I would ask if you’re going to take photos & indeed want them included that you do let me know that I have your permission for the photos to be used,

But let’s see your photos, maybe it’s of people clapping on a Thursday night, maybe it’s of you dancing in your street, or even holding up signs of thanks & the rainbows, perhaps it’s the Volunteers you wish to have immortalised or even if you do the VE Day Stay At Home party, whatever you decide is the Spirit of Coleshill,

I’d love to get them put together & printed off in a book for people to see for remembrance of how Coleshill as a wonderful community got through this extraordinary difficult time to capture for future record.

Thanks for reading.


Kind Regards,

Cllr Adam Richardson