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Pathway Improvement in the Cemetery Extension

You may wonder why there are Public Path Diversion Order signs in the field alongside the Coleshill Cemetery?
The County Council refer to the path that runs down from the opening to the field and running across at a diagonal in the direction of Maxstoke as M67 Pathway.  The reasons for the diversions are centred around the fact that two acres of this field are to be the cemetery extension.  The path will be made more attractive as it is diverted in that:
  • Walkers can go around the perimeter of the graves area rather than having to walk through them
  • The paths will be two metres wide rather than a thin track
  • The paths will be in sturdy concrete rather than muddy soil and
  • There are to be benches and bins provided around the perimeter.
The notices ask for any representations or objections.  We hope the above explains the diversion and why it is beneficial to all visitors.
If there are any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact The Town Clerk, Colin Greatorex,