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King’s Coronation Arts Project – River of Bulbs


A £5,000 sum was granted by the Warwickshire County Council Towns Network team for some feature or group of items that would create a point of interest for tourists or a facility that would encourage visitors.

There are already 3 of the 4 King’s Coronation benches sited.  One is at the junction of Rose Road and Station Road and 3 additional Acer trees were planted at the same junction.  Another bench and tree are in situ at Ennersdale Green, near to the Community Centre.



It was the wish of the project group that a River of Bulbs should be planted along the length of Station Road.  These would add to the effect of the benches and trees, if on the same westerly side of Station Road.

The cost of the bulbs is covered by the Towns Network budget but not the resources to plant them.  The Council needs to cover the planting with its small outside services staffing, elected members and volunteers.

Bulb planting is believed to be best in autumn 2023 so that the flowers appear in spring 2024.  The pathway along Station Road is maintained and mowed by North Warks Borough Council, which has agreed to the bulbs being planted.  The flowers will be allowed to flourish in the spring but will be mown over once the grass growing season is in full swing from June onwards, until the next spring.



Theare are approximately 428 yards in length from the Harvester pub to Ennersdale Green.  Assuming a 1.5 yards width of river, that would amount to 642 square yards to cover with planting.

It had been hoped to get assistance from a Day in the Community programme but this has not been possible.  Therefore, to complete this volume of bulb planting suggests it will need attempting in stages (see plan map).  If three ‘teams’ can be formed, each could concentrate on a separate stage area on a designated planting day:

Area 1 – going north from the bus stop opposite the Wheatsheaf Harvester to Colebridge Crescent.  This area would give a good ‘first impression’, as you join Station Road.

Area 2 – going south from the Rose Road junction to the bus stop on that side.  This area will add to the effect of the Coronation bench and Acer trees, nearby.

Area 3 – going north from the bus stop near Ennersdale Close, planting either side of it.   This area will give a brightening up where there are mainly small industrial units occupying the other side of the road.

The Council van will be loaded with 3 sets of bulbs, trowels and any other materials needed.  The Community Centre will be opened up for refreshments and toilets.



9:30am – 1 pm on Saturday 16th September, initially.  Allan Taylor / Chris Moulton will mow out the wavy river pattern on the previous Thursday or Friday so a track can be visible, and planting would be made easier on the day as the ground would be easier to enter.

Cllr. Ian Tomkinson is the lead councillor on this project. It is hoped that the 3 teams (as above) could be led by Cllr. Ian Tomkinson, Allan Taylor and Chris Moulton (Outdoors staff) with volunteers allocated evenly.

A date needs selecting so the volunteers could be found, giving sufficient time for an appeal to assist.

A follow-up date a few weeks later might then be able to have some more teams to join up the separate Areas 1 – 3 by infilling the areas in between, as convenient.


Colin Greatorex, Town Clerk

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