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Grit Bins – please use them!


Warwickshire County Council is responsible for gritting the main carriageways, especially on bus routes.

The location of grit bins is strictly controlled and these tend to be authorised on roads which are away from precautionary gritted routes and have steep inclines.  In Coleshill, the Town Council can liaise with the County Council regarding grit bin locations that have been agreed by the County Council, which will replenish these grit bins.

Warwickshire County Council will refill grit bins before the start of each winter season (October to November).  It will carry out further re-fills depending on the weather.  If you find an empty grit bin please report this to and County Council will arrange for it to be refilled.

The Town Council would like to encourage resident groups to form to make use of grit bins where these are provided in residential areas that are not gritted by the County vehicle spreaders.  Feel free to coordinate to use the grit, when needed.