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CLAW 2020 – Starting Monday 9th March!

It is the eve of CLAW 2020, starting Monday 9 March.
For those who do not see it, there has been good coverage of CLAW in the Coleshill Post Feb /March edition and, with the help of Sally Jones, the Press Release details have also gone to the Coleshill Echo (see attached pages of the March edition) and also the regional TV and radio, so listen out for details.
If you are in town, the Country Market is open today and is taking orders for Coleshill Pie – an Artisan special (both rabbit and chicken options but with historically available ingredients).  The full, family sized pies (see size in the picture) are £5 each and will be available for collection from the Country Market next Friday, 13 March.
Here again is the full programme of CLAW 2020 events:
happy return
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