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Annual Meeting of Coleshill Town Council

On Wednesday 17th May, attendees to Annual Meeting of Coleshill Town Council had the pleasure of witnessing Cllr. Tony Battle elected Mayor of Coleshill for the forthcoming year.  Cllr. Battle was delighted to accept this illustrious title and he and his consort, wife Jane Battle, were honoured to be able to represent the town of Coleshill, within Warwickshire. Cllr. Battle’s chosen charity is The Woodlands School.  The privilege of Deputy Mayor was bestowed on Cllr Adam Farrell; he will support Cllr. Battle throughout the year as will the Sergeant at Arms, Simon Toon who was appointed onto the position for a third term.

Thanks were given to departing Mayor Cllr. Sue Wallace whose hugely successful year fourth year as Mayor saw her raise over £3’000 for her chosen charities, the Father Hudson’s Society and Parkinson’s UK and a retiring collection for the Parish Church Capital Campaign Fund. Cllr. Wallace gave thanks to council staff, fellow Councillors and her consort for the year, son, Ed Wallace for supporting her events.

Coleshill Town Council also took the opportunity to welcome onto the council Caroline Symonds who replaces Harry Taylor, in the vacancy for a councillor for Coleshill North.

Committee chairpersons selected were Cllr. Adam Farrell for Community and Environment, Cllr. Kirsteen Wootton for Resources and Amenities and Cllr. Adam Richardson for Planning Committee.Tony B