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Ale Taster “Trails”

Each Trail to have two Ale Tasters in appropriate uniforms and a few RAT ASS’s (Real Ale Tasters’ Assistants), with fluorescent armbands or hats.

The two Trails need Pack names (e.g. the Uppers and Downers, Clintons and Montfords or suchlike).  One will start north and work up the High Street (the Uppers) and one will start south, working down the High Street (the Downers).  The Mayor to be with one trail and the Deputy Mayor or Town Clerk with the other trail:


Uppers (or Clintons) Downers (or Montfords)
Norton Arms Inn George & Dragon
Wheatsheaf Red Lion
Bell Inn The Coleshill
Green Man Inn Coach Hotel
Swan Hotel


Charity Fund Raising

Each participant to obtain sponsorship of at least £25 to take part.  That gets them 10 vouchers, each worth a half pint (i.e. 5 whole pints for 5 pubs).  If it costs £3.50 for the average pint (and some people will only have halves) then each participant will contribute a little towards charity.  If sponsorship is more than £25 per participant, then obviously we raise a bit more.

There would need to be negligible outlay for some sprigs of evergreen, fluorescent armbands, score-sheets, possibly a RAT Ass pen each?

The first year would involve a bit of outlay (some Mayor’s allowance left?) for some coloured gowns and ruffs and the souvenir pen stock.