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Overnight Road Closures

Starting on Friday 31st July and ending on Friday 7th August, overnight road closures will take place on the A446 near Water Orton. A signed diversion, highlighted on the map on the following page, will be in place. Access to frontages will be maintained.  The overnight closures will run from 8.00pm to 5.00am.  After the overnight closures have been completed on weekdays, works will continue and revert to current traffic management with temporary traffic lights in place between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

For more information on the closures and diversions please see the link below:

A446 Closure

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Friends of Memorial Park – Press Release

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The Memorial Park had a “Friends of” organisation when the major investment happened in 2016, involving the new play items, trim trail equipment, new paths and tennis courts.

In the strange times in which we live at present, there are a lot more people in the park who are walking, running or exercising and spending more of their time there. The Memorial Park is really benefitting from these additional visits in the summer months now people are encouraged outdoors. Unfortunately, it is also suffering a good deal more from littering, particularly from those from outside the town who are bringing takeaway containers, drink and also “happy gas” cannister. Residents have commented on this problem and some are sufficiently annoyed by this that they want to reform the Friends of Memorial Park.

The Town Council would want to support this and has the experience of the previous Friends set up to draw on, so setting up the aims and objectives would be fairly easy. Therefore, the Council is launching an appeal for residents to volunteer to get involved. The central aim would be “to improve the green space and facilities of the Memorial Park”.

The objectives that were agreed in 2016 would still be appropriate or could be quickly adapted, if felt necessary. These were:

v Involving local people in improving our community.

v Promoting the health and well-being of the residents of the area.

v Promoting the heritage and historical knowledge of the park.

v To carry out and promote both environmental improvement and practical conservation, to educate, encourage and support the local population in environmental practice by working with statutory and non statutory agencies.

v Promoting sport, community recreation and play facilities.

v To raise funds and receive contributions where appropriate to finance the work.

v To publicise and promote work.

v Work with similar groups and exchange information and advice with them.

If necessary, the Council would help with the procedural side, with things like a bank account, insurance arrangements, training courses and event coordination. Cllr. Dave Reilly is a County, Borough and Town councillor and may be able to help with a starter fund for a Friends group.

Membership of the Friends of Memorial Park would be open to anyone who is interested in helping the group to achieve its aims. Initially, to have a recognised committee would need three people initially and to hold an interest meeting. Given the current guidelines, that would probably be in the park itself.

Anyone interested in joining the group should contact the Town Council at the Town Hall at or 01675 463326 or the Community Hub on 01675 238309.

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Coleshill Country Market is to reopen again for the first time after lockdown this Friday morning, July 3rd. This will be a shorter than usual market from 9am until 11am at the Parish Room, 132 High Street, Coleshill, with full social distancing and hygiene measures in place. Many of the usual home-baked treats and crafts will be available as our dedicated cooks get back in the swing of baking and preserving. Among the regular favourites on offer will be cheese scones still warm from the oven, cakes and quiches, home-grown fruits and vegetables plus award-winning marmalade, jams, pickles and preserves.

“It will be wonderful to have the Market up and running again and catch up with some of our regular customers,” said Market Manager Janet Reilly, “We’re hoping for a really good turnout as it’s been a difficult time during lockdown and home-produced treats help to cheer everyone up. We’re hoping anyone who can will come to browse, buy or find out more about us. We also take advance orders for some of our produce including baked goods, children’s clothes and crafts.”
Anyone interested in placing an order should ring Deanna on 01675-463239 or Janet on 01675-462122

Market new cakes preserves Market cakes wide