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Community Lunch

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Coleshill WI March meeting

At our March meeting our speaker Steve Allen took us on an entertaining “Musical Trip through the 1800s”. He described the major industries and different methods of transport that developed during that era, from weaving, mining and slate quarrying to canals and steam engines and illustrated his talk with atmospheric photographs. Members enjoyed an impromptu sing-song of numbers like ‘Fairlie’s Little Wonder’, ‘Dirty Old Town’, ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’ and sea shanties such as ‘What shall we do with the drunken sailor.’, accompanied by Steve on his guitar. After refreshments, we played a hilarious game trying to translate phrases in Brummie and Black Country dialect into ‘proper’ English. Examples included:

‘Wim tekkin the whammel up tha cut’ (I’m taking the dog for a walk by the canal.)

‘He cud ate two taerters mower than a tunky pig.’ (He could eat two potatoes more than a greedy pig.)

‘We cor goo up tha bonk’ (We can’t go up the bank/ hill.)

Brenda Whyler won the competition for something your mother used to say with  ‘Put wood in t’hole – you weren’t born in a barn!’ (Translated as ‘Shut the door to stop the draught’.)

Second was Margot Hawkins with her mother’s sage advice ‘Make sure you have clean knickers on when you go out in case you’re run over by a bus’. Our President Elaine Partridge was third with her mum’s quirky injunction: ‘Don’t come running to me, if you fall over and break your leg!’.

Our former President Christine Jones, the only remaining founder member of  Coleshill Country Market reminded us about the 50th anniversary party for the Market which was founded by our WI in April 1969. Everyone is invited to tea, coffee and cake during the celebrations at 10.30am on Friday 26th April at the Market in the Parish Room, 132, High Street, Coleshill..

The competition for our next meeting on Tuesday April 9th is for a home-made Easter bunny and our speaker from Coleshill Civic Society will be telling ‘The Story of a Restoration’.

Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in the Town Hall at 7.30pm. Visitors welcome as always.

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CLAW Newsflash

The family of David Rees, watercolour artist of Coleshill, have set up a collection of his works in the Hudson Room of the Town Hall.  These items are on display Thursday to Sunday.

The Library has local writers and photographers featured today but will have CLAW items for Friday and Saturday as well.

For the Mister Keith & his Orchestra Parlour Show at 7 p.m. on Sunday 17th, the tickets are still at the pre-night price of £8.  Mister Keith is not doing tea tasting in the interval: it is Gin Tasting now!  This is as well as a licenced bar from 7 p.m.


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Highlights and Updates of CLAW

Thursday 14 March
  • David Rees exhibition of water colours starting at the Town Hall
  • Library has local writers and photographers featured.
  • Bear Paw Productions is a 6:00 opening for a 6:30 Start.
Looking forward to Sunday 7:30 pm: some questions have been raised about the style of music for Mr. Keith –  It is quintessentially British.  Think of a cross between the melodic stories of Squeeze and the wit of the Alex Horne Section.
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CLAW 2019 Exhibitors

The CLAW 2019 week is off to a fine start!
There have been two exhibitors of knitted art.  The Knit and Natter Group has been at Town Hall showing some of the work it has produced since the women have been meeting.  The other exhibitor display is from the Coleshill Library which today is celebrating “Yarncraft” – learning knitting and crochet by book learning.  Tomorrow the library has Shakespeare Day and mystery sayings!
The full programme is here:
Hard copies are available in the Library and Town Hall.  Take the opportunity to see what is on across the town, including in the schools, the church, Old Market Hall and Parish Rooms.
At the Town Hall at the weekend, Bear Paw is putting on The Greatest Showman (donations for entry) on Friday 15th, the Saturday sees the Coleshill Town Band perform and the weekend send off is Mister Keith and his Orchestra on Sunday 17th (with licenced bar).  Tickets from Town Hall and the Library.  The Mayor and consort are at all of these weekends shows so would like to see you there.